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castle fixed

[ profile] dapatty this is for you from the lovely caps you sent me.
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[ profile] pandarus just posted another chapter in her funny SPN/Twilight crack crossover. There are so many good parts but as a high school teacher, this one made me laugh out loud. Yah ,Sammy!

“Calm down! So, okay – the fairy queen? Is this Mab, or Titania we're talking about?”

Dean stares. “Oh my God. Dude. Could you possibly be any more gay?” he exclaims in disgust, after a long, startled silence.

Sam snorts. “Well, yeah, Dean. I could actually sleep with guys. That would do it. Look, don't go getting pissy with me just because you don't know Shakespeare from Tennyson.”

Dean shakes his head sadly. “I don't even know what language you're speaking now. All I can hear is blah blah blah pretentious bullshit blah blah blah I like poetry blah blah blah Sammy is an enormous girl.”

“Some of us actually listened to the teachers in High School, Dean.”

Another part inspired this picture. To understand it, go read the great brother banter in the story.
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Yesterday I rec'ed two crackfic by Pandarus. I'm back today with something more serious. When I checked my flist this afternoon I read this:

She finds Castiel in Rome, in the Vatican, standing in front of Michelangelo's statue of the Pieta. He stands up a little straighter when she arrives, but does not look over his shoulder or otherwise acknowledge her presence. Anna watches him, and thinks about what a good soldier he has always been.

This is from "Cries Like Dead Letters" ( which is set post 4.16. She does an excellent job creating the voices and thoughts of Anna and Castiel. As a former art major, that opening image stuck in my mind. this pieta has always been one of my favourite works of art. So, a while more manipulation. I spent some hours reading through Pandarus' various fan fic and it was well worth the time.
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This pic is for maychorian (or her little sister Talitha *waves hi*) who is collecting a list of hurt Sam Supernatural fic over at
She said she didn't have an icon for whumped Sam.

Man, this was harder than I thought. I looked through many screencaps (some great ones are at of Sam during scenes that I remember really feeling the "oh, don't hurt Sammy any more you cruel writers" vibe. However, when you isolate a hurt Sam face out of context, often it looks like some other emotion or thought. I passed over dozens of variations of hurt Dean/sad Dean/beat up but defiant Dean before I found this pic. I guess Jared P's voice and body language are needed to portray the full range of these particular emotions. Jensen A can show it just in the facial expressions.
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One of these icon-shaped pics is for rahmi. After that, the rest will be given away to good homes if you want them. If you see anything you like, check back in a little while to see which are available for adoption.

Update: Picture A adopted by rahmi.

Pic for rahmi

Picture B
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Sometimes I read a fic and I get a mental image right away. When possible I make an illustration and offer it to the author as a way to say thanks for their entertaining reading material. This one I could not shake from my imagination but had trouble finding just the right images. I finally did it.

This is for “The Hard Prayer” by Rheanna. In this post apocalyptic AU, neither John or Rodney went to Atlantis. Instead they lived through a plague on Earth that left them each alone searching for survivors. The characters we meet are both damaged by their isolation, pushing their personality quirks into something much more serious. I've reced it before on my journal, but here it is again with a picture.
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SPN/Monk picture:
“Are there real live ghosts on this show…because I don’t do ghosts”. If you ever have seen any episodes of Monk, check out this funny Monk/Supernatural fake promotional picture.

SPN/ Watchman fic:
I don’t read a lot of John-centered fic, but this crossover is great. It takes place prior to season one and focuses on John and his interactions with the Watchmen’s Comedian (also played by the same actor). It’s called “Old Road” by Catslash.

The picture with this post is a manipulation of both watchmen and supernatural comic book images I did inspired by this fic.
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I think I may have gotten to the end of this idea. In each case, the "Big Brother is watching you" has a type of different tone and target.
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More stream of consciousness big brother pictures.
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Thoughts in one fandom lead to another. I was facinated by the eyes in the original version of this promotional picture. Look at Dean's expression.
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On Terminator, I'm finding John Henry increasingly interesting. I'm wondering if there is any good John Henry & Savannah or good John Henry and Ellison fic out there.
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Having a crapy, crapy day. Thinking about other things will help settle my mind, so here are my musing on my current fandoms this week.
spoilers for terminator, dollhouse, and supernatural behind the cut )
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I finally watched the most recent Dollhouse. I hadn’t watched it last Friday because it was playing opposite a new Supernatural (which was amazing) and I just couldn’t warm up to Dollhouse. I tried, since it started, but it just wasn’t happening. much gushing and spoilers behind the cut )
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An 80's song I liked came on the radio today and as I was singing along to it, this image came into my head. An hour on Photoshop later, I've got another supernatural icon to use.

I didn’t realize when I made this that "Dirty Water" was not a well known song outside Canada. It was released in 1987 by Canadian duo Bob Rock and Paul Hyde, core members of the punk-pop outfit the Payola$. You can see the original music video at

Here are some of the lyrics:

I swear I've seen your face before.
It's been inside my open door.
I'm sure I played this game before.
Pay a little bit now then later more.

Angel, angel, ring them bells…
Ring them bells.
Something is wrong, it doesn't belong
and it's not natural to sing that song.

And if I wash my hands in your dirty water
Will your religion make me clean?
And if I wet my feet in your dirty water
Will I be blind for all I see?
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An illustration for "A Tartan Surprise" by dapatty ( a Life short fic. With some searching I found the kitchen set from the show for the background.
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This is just a test post of something I did for work. Trying to work through instructions for someone else.
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I've been thinking since watching the first episode of Dollhouse, wouldn't it make a more interesting story if they grabbed Dean as an Active.
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This pic was inspired by a crossover I read where Sam meets Charlie from Life. Read it at
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This pic was inspired by a great Stargate Atlantis/ Supernatural crossover fic where John Sheppard appears through a Ancient portal into the life of a young Sam over several years of Sam's life. Please go read it at Omnivorous Geek .
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Currently I have a great love for Dark Angel/ Supernatural crossovers. I read a great one today (, which inspired some time on Photoshop.

Post Script February 2009: Devil's Gateway now has the icon I made for it posted with entries. It makes me smile when see it attached to a story I like so much. It inspired me to make other illustrations for fics I like and give them away if the authors want them. After years of just reading fics, wishing I had the talent to do this, I feel like I have an appropriate way of saying thank you for hours of reading fun using the talents that I do have.
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