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I just got back from seeing Knowing, a movie with Nicholas Cage. I almost didn’t go because he has been very spotty in his films for the last few years and had not heard many good things about this film. I went anyway and was glad I did.

Here is a summary:
“Knowing is an action-thriller about a professor who stumbles across terrifying predictions about the future inside a time capsule, and then sets out to prevent them from coming true.”

It’s better than it sounds for several reasons. The acting was solid and the characters were not flat. It is a thriller that is thrilling with lots of fast action. The special effects are excellent and worth watching on the big screen. There are some very creepy moments, as well. You have to keep thinking all the time about the plot and the philosophy behind it. A central theme is about how the world runs—are events predetermined and part of a plan, or is it just random “shit happens”? I was surprised by the ending and that doesn’t happen very often anymore. The last half hour was the kind that you don’t dare leave your seat, even if you need to.


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