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One of these icon-shaped pics is for rahmi. After that, the rest will be given away to good homes if you want them. If you see anything you like, check back in a little while to see which are available for adoption.

Update: Picture A adopted by rahmi.

Pic for rahmi

Picture B
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This is actually a comment I posted to Rahmi's journal. Longest damn comment I've every made, but I have been thinking about this show since I watched it yesterday. spoiler for the season finale of Terminator here )
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I just read a facinating Terminator: SCC future fic called "Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings" by David Hines. It featured Catherine Weaver, Savannah, and John Henry and speculated about the life of Savannah from aged sixteen on. The way the author has Savannah adapting to her circumstances and coaching her "mother" in human behaviour is brillant. http://hradzka.livejournal.com/272408.html
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More stream of consciousness big brother pictures.
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On Terminator, I'm finding John Henry increasingly interesting. I'm wondering if there is any good John Henry & Savannah or good John Henry and Ellison fic out there.
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I did a manip last night after the episode of Terminaor. picture, major spoilers for this week's terminator and an update of what's been happening )

For snarky detailed recaps of Terminator episodes and other shows I reccomend Television Without Pity. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/terminator-the-sarah-connor-ch/recaps.php
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Having a crapy, crapy day. Thinking about other things will help settle my mind, so here are my musing on my current fandoms this week.
spoilers for terminator, dollhouse, and supernatural behind the cut )


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