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[livejournal.com profile] pandarus just posted another chapter in her funny SPN/Twilight crack crossover. There are so many good parts but as a high school teacher, this one made me laugh out loud. Yah ,Sammy!

“Calm down! So, okay – the fairy queen? Is this Mab, or Titania we're talking about?”

Dean stares. “Oh my God. Dude. Could you possibly be any more gay?” he exclaims in disgust, after a long, startled silence.

Sam snorts. “Well, yeah, Dean. I could actually sleep with guys. That would do it. Look, don't go getting pissy with me just because you don't know Shakespeare from Tennyson.”

Dean shakes his head sadly. “I don't even know what language you're speaking now. All I can hear is blah blah blah pretentious bullshit blah blah blah I like poetry blah blah blah Sammy is an enormous girl.”

“Some of us actually listened to the teachers in High School, Dean.”

Another part inspired this picture. To understand it, go read the great brother banter in the story. http://pandarus.livejournal.com/267923.html

Crack rec

Apr. 21st, 2009 11:38 pm
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If you want a belly laugh go check out the latest in the Babbydaddy series by pandarus http://pandarus.livejournal.com/267047.html. In this one young John goes to kindergarden. My favourite part is him explaining his art to his teacher:

“That's a very interesting picture, John! Can you tell me what it is?”

“That's uncle Sammy. His eyes are kind of black because he's a little bit evil sometimes. He's smiting the unrighteous.”


“This bit's the demon coming out. It looks like smoke. Smoking is bad for you.”

Here is my guess at what that picture might look like.

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If you want some insight into how funny Misha Collins is in person, pop over and read this blog about OzCon in Australia. http://dellavie.livejournal.com/16753.html?view=90737#t90737
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Yesterday I rec'ed two crackfic by Pandarus. I'm back today with something more serious. When I checked my flist this afternoon I read this:

She finds Castiel in Rome, in the Vatican, standing in front of Michelangelo's statue of the Pieta. He stands up a little straighter when she arrives, but does not look over his shoulder or otherwise acknowledge her presence. Anna watches him, and thinks about what a good soldier he has always been.

This is from "Cries Like Dead Letters" ( http://pandarus.livejournal.com/265495.html) which is set post 4.16. She does an excellent job creating the voices and thoughts of Anna and Castiel. As a former art major, that opening image stuck in my mind. this pieta has always been one of my favourite works of art. So, a while later...one more manipulation. I spent some hours reading through Pandarus' various fan fic and it was well worth the time.
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I have a soft spot for kidfic and fic with main characters in happy domestic situations. However, I've never warmed up to mpreg. Most of what I have read over several fandoms is silly, not make you smile silly, just plain old "this makes no sense" silly. For that reason I was shocked at how much I liked both "Babbydaddy" (featuring a shocked knocked up Dean, Sam, and babbydaddy Castiel) and its sequel "Best of All" (featuring said baby as a three year old, with Uncle Sam and Aunt Ruby babysitting) by pandarus. http://pandarus.livejournal.com/264348.html and http://pandarus.livejournal.com/265204.html

These two fics made me laugh out loud. They are written entirely as unattributed dialog, but the voices are so in character that there is no problem figuring out who is speaking. There are allusions to sex but nothing graphic. The best part is that this author has her tongue firmly planted in her cheek in same way as Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Pushing Daisies.

Here is snippet where Sam has been reading Where the Wild Things Are and his nephew critiques Ruby on her participation.

“Okay. Where were we? Right. Ahem... And he came to the place where the wild things are. They roared their terrible roars.”

“ROAR! Aun' Wooby, you have to roar.”

“Oh! Okay, sorry, kid. I'm kinda new to this. ROAR! That okay?”

“Yes. That was a very good roar.”

“Cool. Go me.”
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This pic is for maychorian (or her little sister Talitha *waves hi*) who is collecting a list of hurt Sam Supernatural fic over at http://maychorian.livejournal.com/106393.html
She said she didn't have an icon for whumped Sam.

Man, this was harder than I thought. I looked through many screencaps (some great ones are at http://stripedwall.com/gallery.php?dir=television) of Sam during scenes that I remember really feeling the "oh, don't hurt Sammy any more you cruel writers" vibe. However, when you isolate a hurt Sam face out of context, often it looks like some other emotion or thought. I passed over dozens of variations of hurt Dean/sad Dean/beat up but defiant Dean before I found this pic. I guess Jared P's voice and body language are needed to portray the full range of these particular emotions. Jensen A can show it just in the facial expressions.
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“Two Highways East and a Quarter Mile North of Salvation” by notthequiettype wrote a creepy and well written post apocalyptic story where Dean and Sam travel on foot after the US is devastated by a plague. There’s great dialogue. It’s Wincest but non explicit. http://community.livejournal.com/slashfest/86790.html

"Maybe Tommorow" is a work in progress by read_2_much. A abrasive, foul-mouthed teen walks into a hunter bar looking for Dean. AU future fic centered around Ben Braeden. http://read-2-much.livejournal.com/919.html?view=1175

“Isochronism” by minkmix is a genderswap story with Dean being cursed to be a girl. Sam and Dean’s reactions to events are in character. Dean’s reaction (freak out) to the change in particular is very realistic. I like the subtle observations of the differences between male and female bodies, like the intensity of the sense of smell.
Part one: http://minkmix.livejournal.com/113816.html
There are more parts and sequels : http://minkmix.livejournal.com/tag/genderswap (more graphic than part one, no Wincest but OFC in one)
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Here is a link to crack meta...a great review by Demain, and Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon, called "THE HARDY BOYS ARE NOT HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER! GOD!". If you've seen the episode, relive it with these guys. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/supernatural/the_monster_at_the_end_of_this_1.php?page=1
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My copy of Entertainment Weekly came in today, a few days late as usual when delivered to rural Canada, and I started leafing through looking for new of this weeks favourite shows. Considering that Supernatural is so low in the overall ratings, Entertainment Weekly is surprisingly SPN friendly every month, but this week blew that all away. Here’s what I saw when I turned the page (possible spoilers on this image deleted on Photoshop):

After the double-page picture spread is a two page article. The article talks about the growing cult fan following of the show (including Wincest), on the set this season, and speculation about how long the show will go. There are even some spoilers for this season.

The quote that made me laugh out loud was spoiler for April 23 episode but not more than was seen in previews ) Ha, this writer must be reading fan fiction!
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Thoughts in one fandom lead to another. I was facinated by the eyes in the original version of this promotional picture. Look at Dean's expression.
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Having a crapy, crapy day. Thinking about other things will help settle my mind, so here are my musing on my current fandoms this week.
spoilers for terminator, dollhouse, and supernatural behind the cut )
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I've been thinking since watching the first episode of Dollhouse, wouldn't it make a more interesting story if they grabbed Dean as an Active.
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This pic was inspired by a crossover I read where Sam meets Charlie from Life. Read it at http://community.livejournal.com/sn_crossovers/
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This pic was inspired by a great Stargate Atlantis/ Supernatural crossover fic where John Sheppard appears through a Ancient portal into the life of a young Sam over several years of Sam's life. Please go read it at Omnivorous Geek http://maychorian.livejournal.com/75812.html .


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