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Apr. 21st, 2009 11:38 pm
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If you want a belly laugh go check out the latest in the Babbydaddy series by pandarus In this one young John goes to kindergarden. My favourite part is him explaining his art to his teacher:

“That's a very interesting picture, John! Can you tell me what it is?”

“That's uncle Sammy. His eyes are kind of black because he's a little bit evil sometimes. He's smiting the unrighteous.”


“This bit's the demon coming out. It looks like smoke. Smoking is bad for you.”

Here is my guess at what that picture might look like.

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Yesterday I rec'ed two crackfic by Pandarus. I'm back today with something more serious. When I checked my flist this afternoon I read this:

She finds Castiel in Rome, in the Vatican, standing in front of Michelangelo's statue of the Pieta. He stands up a little straighter when she arrives, but does not look over his shoulder or otherwise acknowledge her presence. Anna watches him, and thinks about what a good soldier he has always been.

This is from "Cries Like Dead Letters" ( which is set post 4.16. She does an excellent job creating the voices and thoughts of Anna and Castiel. As a former art major, that opening image stuck in my mind. this pieta has always been one of my favourite works of art. So, a while more manipulation. I spent some hours reading through Pandarus' various fan fic and it was well worth the time.
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I have a soft spot for kidfic and fic with main characters in happy domestic situations. However, I've never warmed up to mpreg. Most of what I have read over several fandoms is silly, not make you smile silly, just plain old "this makes no sense" silly. For that reason I was shocked at how much I liked both "Babbydaddy" (featuring a shocked knocked up Dean, Sam, and babbydaddy Castiel) and its sequel "Best of All" (featuring said baby as a three year old, with Uncle Sam and Aunt Ruby babysitting) by pandarus. and

These two fics made me laugh out loud. They are written entirely as unattributed dialog, but the voices are so in character that there is no problem figuring out who is speaking. There are allusions to sex but nothing graphic. The best part is that this author has her tongue firmly planted in her cheek in same way as Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy or Pushing Daisies.

Here is snippet where Sam has been reading Where the Wild Things Are and his nephew critiques Ruby on her participation.

“Okay. Where were we? Right. Ahem... And he came to the place where the wild things are. They roared their terrible roars.”

“ROAR! Aun' Wooby, you have to roar.”

“Oh! Okay, sorry, kid. I'm kinda new to this. ROAR! That okay?”

“Yes. That was a very good roar.”

“Cool. Go me.”
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SPN/Monk picture:
“Are there real live ghosts on this show…because I don’t do ghosts”. If you ever have seen any episodes of Monk, check out this funny Monk/Supernatural fake promotional picture.

SPN/ Watchman fic:
I don’t read a lot of John-centered fic, but this crossover is great. It takes place prior to season one and focuses on John and his interactions with the Watchmen’s Comedian (also played by the same actor). It’s called “Old Road” by Catslash.

The picture with this post is a manipulation of both watchmen and supernatural comic book images I did inspired by this fic.


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