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I was suprised and thrilled to recieve a gift Stargate Atlantis ficlet from Siria. It's a holiday at the Miller's story, and I'm a sucker for that.

Here at Archive of Our Own.
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“Mommy*, can I read you ‘The Thirsty Moose’?” said my six year old.
“Alright if I can type this out at the same time,” I replied as I continued to work on this post.

I read—a lot. Usually I go through three novels a week, a few magazines and newspapers, and hours and hours of fan fiction. In a pinch, if I’m bored I’ll read anything, even a car manual. There is no room in my house that you can’t find a book, especially the bathrooms.

“ ‘ Go ahead and try,’ said the big Moose.” The book is turned around to show the picture before going on with the story.

My bathroom has it’s own bookshelf to house all the books I have been reading that month. I set my alarm 45 minutes ahead of everyone else in my house so that I can soak in a hot tub and read undisturbed. It’s worth losing a bit of sleep since it is the only uninterrupted reading time I get every day. All other reading happens while multi-tasking or ignoring music/tv/whatever.

“What is this word, Mommy?” Small finger points at a word.

Since I can’t get my computer in the tub with me to read on-line, I buy books. Today it was three television tie-in novels: Torchwood- Almost Perfect; Stargate Atlantis-Angelus, and Stargate Atlantis- Nightfall. Stargate Atlantis novels are usually pretty tame compared to the fan fic.

“Now I’m going to ask you some questions about the book,” she says pressing the open book to her chest so I can't cheat. “What was Big Moose’s problem?”
“I didn’t know there was going to be a test.”

However, get a load of this excerpt from the Torchwood back cover: “Ianto Jones woke up this morning with no memory of last night. He went to work, where he caused amusement, suspicion and a little bit of jealousy. Because Ianto Jones woke up this morning in the body of a woman.”

“Here is my favourite part.”

This is what I love about Torchwood. No matter how crack fan fic gets, Torchwood makes it look like cannon. Ships, check. Slash, check. Time travel, check. AU, check. Hurt/comfort, check. PWP, check. Gender switch, check. Man, I love this show. It has the added bonus of being a conversation starter, to talk to my kids about what the word “gay” really means. Big bi-sexual and hot action hero, check.

“I’m going to go get another book.” Ahh. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’s bound to be a readaholic too, and maybe a teacher.

* Canadians write this word like Americans and say it like the Brits. Yah, we're weird like that. We do it the other way round with some words, writing them like British English but pronoucing them as American.

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Sometimes I read a fic and I get a mental image right away. When possible I make an illustration and offer it to the author as a way to say thanks for their entertaining reading material. This one I could not shake from my imagination but had trouble finding just the right images. I finally did it.

This is for “The Hard Prayer” by Rheanna. http://www.goldenmaze.com/hardprayer.htm In this post apocalyptic AU, neither John or Rodney went to Atlantis. Instead they lived through a plague on Earth that left them each alone searching for survivors. The characters we meet are both damaged by their isolation, pushing their personality quirks into something much more serious. I've reced it before on my journal, but here it is again with a picture.
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This pic was inspired by a great Stargate Atlantis/ Supernatural crossover fic where John Sheppard appears through a Ancient portal into the life of a young Sam over several years of Sam's life. Please go read it at Omnivorous Geek http://maychorian.livejournal.com/75812.html .
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Stargate Atlantis marathon...weeeee! "Vegas" was a very interesting episode. It felt like a great AU fanfiction and looked like CSI (in a good way). It's sad that it's the second last episode that we will get for free without having to buy a movie like with SG1.

I still am thinking angry thoughts about SCI FI channel. How the hell can they think that real sci fi fans would rather have badly made monster of the week movies and wrestling (WTF?) than original sci fi drama? And when they cancel a series, we in Canada who watch it on our channels are out of luck. The Canadian Space Chanel is looking better and better all the time in comparison.

I know it's all about money and they don't maintain more than one or two dramas without canceling others, but Sanctuary is not doing it for me. Other than playing spot the Canadian character actors from other defunct scific series, it leaves me cold so far.


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