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I found out accidentally on a review site that male leads of Supernatural live together in the real world, sharing a house in Vancouver and carpooling to work. The on-line reaction comments to that got me thinking about the fanfiction phenomenon of RPS (writing fiction based on real people not fictional characters).

clicky here for reasons )
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Here is a link to crack meta...a great review by Demain, and Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon, called "THE HARDY BOYS ARE NOT HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER! GOD!". If you've seen the episode, relive it with these guys. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/supernatural/the_monster_at_the_end_of_this_1.php?page=1

If I fall

Apr. 9th, 2009 10:20 pm
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I’ve been listening to this one Bare Naked Ladies song as I drive the hour to work every day. It ends, I listen to news radio for a few minutes and then start it back up. In the middle of the album of typical quirky, happy pop songs the BNL are know for is this haunting lyric. It’s a story song about a window washer on a high rise, but it’s more than that. It’s a metaphor for looking at drastic change, maybe death, and being frightened by possible consequences.

.lyrics here )
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I've been checking all day on SPN crossover big bang and now the wait is over. I've signed up for my first big bang as an artist. I guess I missed the beginning of the post and I was very happy that my first choice was still availible.

Long weekend coming up...need to find some great Life pics to use with all the supernatural stuff I've got. I'm going to be a busy little Photoshop beaver.

So excited...could you tell?
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Tonight’s episode of Life was so (insert superlative here). At times like that, I wish I could call some of you crazy fan girls and squee about the show in real time. Alas, real life gets in the way.do not clicky unless you have seen the show…the ending is too good to know ahead of time )

UPDATE: a great review of the episode here http://www.nj.com/entertainment/tv/index.ssf/2009/04/life_one_reviewing_the_finale.html
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Today is my son’s birthday. Weeks before I did the mom birthday checklist:
- Weekend party (sleepover) and events the next day….check
- Presents ready for the actual birthday….check and wrapped
- Birthday money…check

I’m thinking that I’ve got it all in the bag today. Just inside the door, my mother-in-law, who also watches my kids while I am work, whispers, “Did you buy a cake?”. Oh shit!

My mother-in-law is a fabulous baker—I’m a championship shopper. Every year we do the same thing. I buy and cake and bring it home to find that she made a cake. Result: two cakes. This year she didn’t because she thought I’d buy one. I didn’t buy one since I though she’d make one.

I call my husband, who is not home yet. He can get one, right? Alas, he’s actually coming home early and is in the driveway right now talking to me on the cell. Supper is in 30 minutes or so.

Hmmm. I live out the boonies of rural Canada. To get to my house you need to say things like, “Go two miles past the apple orchard and turn at the barn with the white fence. Don’t forget to look both ways for deer. Remember they travel in groups.”

So I tag off with my husband in the driveway like a weird relay and start driving ten minutes the closest village. The sweets shop is closed. The bakery is closed. The little grocery is open. However, all the cakes are frozen and need overnight to thaw except the crappy frozen chocolate fluffy thing. I contemplate thawing one of the real cakes in the oven, but the icing will probably melt. OK…crappy frozen thing here we come.

About this time I realize that I have changed from my work clothes into my kick around the house stuff and the girls are swinging free is a rather low cut t-shirt. Arggh! At the cash I spot some M&Ms and that, with ice cream, go into the bag.

Out in the parking lot, I peal the lid off the cake, wedge it between my unbound bosom and the steering wheel and rip open the M&M. I spell out my son’s name and a message in M&Ms. Yes, this is why I have a degree in art and English! At this point, it’s so ridiculous that I’m starting to laugh.

I sneak back in the house with the cake. On with the candles.

My son loved it. He and his sister fought over the candy. Makes me wonder why I ordered special cakes two weeks ahead and spend so much.

Man, I’m glad I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.
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My copy of Entertainment Weekly came in today, a few days late as usual when delivered to rural Canada, and I started leafing through looking for new of this weeks favourite shows. Considering that Supernatural is so low in the overall ratings, Entertainment Weekly is surprisingly SPN friendly every month, but this week blew that all away. Here’s what I saw when I turned the page (possible spoilers on this image deleted on Photoshop):

After the double-page picture spread is a two page article. The article talks about the growing cult fan following of the show (including Wincest), on the set this season, and speculation about how long the show will go. There are even some spoilers for this season.

The quote that made me laugh out loud was spoiler for April 23 episode but not more than was seen in previews ) Ha, this writer must be reading fan fiction!
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SPN/Monk picture:
“Are there real live ghosts on this show…because I don’t do ghosts”. If you ever have seen any episodes of Monk, check out this funny Monk/Supernatural fake promotional picture.

SPN/ Watchman fic:
I don’t read a lot of John-centered fic, but this crossover is great. It takes place prior to season one and focuses on John and his interactions with the Watchmen’s Comedian (also played by the same actor). It’s called “Old Road” by Catslash. http://catslash.livejournal.com/411405.html?view=1489933#t1489933

The picture with this post is a manipulation of both watchmen and supernatural comic book images I did inspired by this fic.
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I just read a facinating Terminator: SCC future fic called "Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings" by David Hines. It featured Catherine Weaver, Savannah, and John Henry and speculated about the life of Savannah from aged sixteen on. The way the author has Savannah adapting to her circumstances and coaching her "mother" in human behaviour is brillant. http://hradzka.livejournal.com/272408.html
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I think I may have gotten to the end of this idea. In each case, the "Big Brother is watching you" has a type of different tone and target.
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More stream of consciousness big brother pictures.
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Thoughts in one fandom lead to another. I was facinated by the eyes in the original version of this promotional picture. Look at Dean's expression.
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On Terminator, I'm finding John Henry increasingly interesting. I'm wondering if there is any good John Henry & Savannah or good John Henry and Ellison fic out there.
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I did a manip last night after the episode of Terminaor. picture, major spoilers for this week's terminator and an update of what's been happening )

For snarky detailed recaps of Terminator episodes and other shows I reccomend Television Without Pity. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/terminator-the-sarah-connor-ch/recaps.php
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I watched the last episode of Life on Mars last night (twice in fact). spoilers for life on mars )
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Having a crapy, crapy day. Thinking about other things will help settle my mind, so here are my musing on my current fandoms this week.
spoilers for terminator, dollhouse, and supernatural behind the cut )
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I finally watched the most recent Dollhouse. I hadn’t watched it last Friday because it was playing opposite a new Supernatural (which was amazing) and I just couldn’t warm up to Dollhouse. I tried, since it started, but it just wasn’t happening. much gushing and spoilers behind the cut )
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I watched the last episode of BSG last night. My son was sitting with me, so a large amount of time was spent explaining what was going on. Semi-spoilers behind the cut )

Tooling around in the blogs this morning for reactions on BSG, I came across the announcement that the SciFi Channel is changing it’s name to SyFy to shake off that nasty geeky fanboy image. “The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular,” said TV historian Tim Brooks, who helped launch Sci Fi Channel when he worked at USA Network.

“We spent a lot of time in the ’90s trying to distance the network from science fiction, which is largely why it’s called Sci Fi,” Mr. Brooks said. “It’s somewhat cooler and better than the name ‘Science Fiction.’ But even the name Sci Fi is limiting.”

Wow…way to kick your core audience in the teeth. I’ve thought that they’ve been going down the crapper with such highbrow stuff as wrestling, reality tv, and their own original movies for years. The executives mentioned that they wanted something more friendly to females. Yay, as a female, I would love to give up my intelligent science fiction in favour of such woman-friendly fare as wrestling!

I am now very afraid for the Space Channel here in Canada. The thing I love about it now is that it is unapologetically nerdy and worshipping of all things scifi. The BSG “frakin end” marathon had three fanboys and a fangirl, in costumes, commenting between each episode. The after show forum featured a fan club in Vancouver. There is an ongoing series about what obsessive collections people have in their basements (lego, action figures, etc). There is an absolutely adorable ad with little kids dressed as superheroes.

Maybe in Canada we are less worried about our tv being “cool”. On a weekend I can watch BGG, Supernatural, Terminator:SCC, Stargate Atlantis, Medium, Torchwood, Star Trek, and real scifi or fantasy movies (rather than the monster of the week crap) all on the same channel. I love that they can play the best of what’s out there from the USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia.

There is a commercial that plays here where a bunch of executives from a cable company sit around making obviously lame (to everyone by themselves) rebranding decisions in order to be seen as hip and cool, compared to high def satellite. That commercial could be parody of the SyFy crew.
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An 80's song I liked came on the radio today and as I was singing along to it, this image came into my head. An hour on Photoshop later, I've got another supernatural icon to use.

I didn’t realize when I made this that "Dirty Water" was not a well known song outside Canada. It was released in 1987 by Canadian duo Bob Rock and Paul Hyde, core members of the punk-pop outfit the Payola$. You can see the original music video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5kLzAajFZQ

Here are some of the lyrics:

I swear I've seen your face before.
It's been inside my open door.
I'm sure I played this game before.
Pay a little bit now then later more.

Angel, angel, ring them bells…
Ring them bells.
Something is wrong, it doesn't belong
and it's not natural to sing that song.

And if I wash my hands in your dirty water
Will your religion make me clean?
And if I wet my feet in your dirty water
Will I be blind for all I see?
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An illustration for "A Tartan Surprise" by dapatty (http://dapatty.livejournal.com/44572.html?#cutid1) a Life short fic. With some searching I found the kitchen set from the show for the background.
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