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This is actually a comment I posted to Rahmi's journal. Longest damn comment I've every made, but I have been thinking about this show since I watched it yesterday. I've been thinking about this all day--raking leaves, stacking wood, fixing meals-- all that boring crap, but my mind is just going around like a little hamster in a wheel about the finale. Time travel, in this case multiple cases of time travel and paradox, can melt your brain.

I have questions--lots of them, and I have some guesses. And then the guesses turn into more questions.

1. Derek's alive, yeah! (I'm not so pissed at the show for his crappy death scene now.) But so is Reese. If Reese didn't go back, then there is no John. Is that why they don't know him?

2. John Henry is not a terminator. Cameron is. Is John Henry merged with Cameron now? Is he dangerous or just that young child we have seen? Does he/she/they have a split personality? I would like to see a fic where John catches up with John Henry and ends up talking to both of the cyborgs with each using their own voice. (It sounds sweeter in my head, since I imagined that she/he/they/whatever would ask John to close his eyes before she used the girl voice.)

3. Does John love Cameron? Not in love, but just love. His reason for jumping through time and leaving his mom behind seemed to completely be his emotional attachment to Cameron. Does Cameron ("I'm sorry John...I'm sorry John") love John in her own twisted computerized way?

4. How is John going to interact with Allison (Cam's template). Hey girl, I'm smiling at you so goofily because you look just like my cyborg assassin sister, who by the way killed you and took over your life.

5. How is John going to explain himself to Derek. They accepted with great difficulty his easiness and alliances with metal because of his stature as a hero and leader. Any complete explanation he gave would make him sound both crazy and like an enemy sympathizer. However, John does know some things about Derek's life that might help him convince Derek or Kyle of the truth.

7. If Derek and Kyle are back, will we soon see Jesse and the girlfriend--ew, can't think of name right now, probably blocking 'cause I never liked her. Is it going to be just like Lost where no one really every dies.

8. Will Sarah and Ellison join forces. Hey, could we see a grown up Savannah Weaver in John's current time?

9. What was Cameron's motivation behind that let me strip, tell you to crawl on top of me, and stick part of yourself inside me thing she did? Like he couldn't kneel beside the bed and do the same thing, or even stand up. Obviously Fox did it to titillate the audience, but was the character's motivation to deliberately play with teenage hormones/emotions... did she like it...or was she oblivious to the repercussions?

10. What's he going to do when Kyle wants his coat back? Johnny, where's your trousers...

Wow. Longest comment I've every posted. Ya, I think I ran out of thoughts for now. Give me a few hours and I'll probably have a lot more.

What parts are eating your brian right now?
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