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I did a manip last night after the episode of Terminaor.

About this week:
All I can say is "ARRRRRGGGGG!"...I really liked Derek. Man, I always hated 90201 so I didn't want to like Brian Austin Green doing this role, but he was so good at being a badass. I enjoyed the tension between him, Sarah, and Cameron. Often I enjoyed him more that the lead actors.

Loving John Connor really is the kiss of death on his show isn't it? Within a few days he loses his girl, his surrogate father, and his uncle. Why is this kid not completely nuts?

I know, I know. It's ratings time and that means on dramas characters are gonna die, but still. This show more than used up their quota. I'm just crossing my fingers that over on Supernatural, they don't off Bobby (since being a Winchester friend puts anyone in the red shirt club too).

Unrelated thought: I'm really enjoying John Henry. This actor is getting an amazing amount of great character actor time on multiple shows this year.

A summary for Rahmi
What you missed:

1. Riley figured out that Jesse was going to try to use her. Jesse wanted to make it look like Cameron killed John's girl in order to get him to reject Cameron. Riley confronted Jesse and she was killed. John didn't buy it. He apologizes to Cameron for thinking it, even briefly. Apparently he suspected Riley was from the future for a long time. He confronted Jesse (great scene). It's ambiguous about whether or not Derek killed her after that.

2. Now that there is a dead girlfriend and unfriendly future dudes running around, Sarah decides to skip town. She send Cameron and Derek on another mission and then ditches them to go to a safehouse where she set Charley up. She doesn't trust either of them now, since Derek was hiding Jesse from her. Charley's pretty hostile to her, but warms up a bit when she shows him that she thinks she has breast cancer. It turns out that she doesn't--that it's a tracking device implanted when an enemy had her.

Bad dudes (maybe from miss red haired Scottish Terminator girl or more likely from the other IA out there from Cyberdyne that John Henry calls his brother)come to the safehouse while Sarah's out at the hospital. She wanted to leave John with Charley so he had someone who loved him when she died but he ends up staying behind to shoot at bad guys in order to let John get away. We see his face up in the water dead at the end.

3. We start out with the potter's field cemetery that Kyle was buried in. Then we get some narrative with John Henry and the little girl so we know that they are playmates and best buds. He watches her when she is at her house through security cameras and was on the phone with her when Big Brother's terminator came to kill people. JH tries to save the girl but can't and John arrives to scoop her up. They had found her pic on one of the bad guys from last episode. Then damn the terminator kills Derek. No warning for the viewer and I'm screaming NO! Such a meaningless stupid way to take out a great character. No heroic ending, just OH SHIT! Bam! Stupid, stupid show. Kicks TV.

For snarky detailed recaps of Terminator episodes and other shows I reccomend Television Without Pity. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/terminator-the-sarah-connor-ch/recaps.php


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