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Ok, so sometimes I use the speakers to listen to podfic and need to have something that will not make my kids or husband question my sanity if they overhear it out of context. Hense, I've loaded up a fair amount of gen podfic each time I swap things out. I've already reced "Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit" (Star Trek) and "Sailor's Delight" (SGA/Buffy) so you can find the links in earlier posts.

"(When I Grow Up)I'll Be a Monster" is a long Star Trek story starting with very young Kirk and moving through to just before joining Star Fleet, but focusing most on the Tarsus colony. Jim is imagined as looking like his dad, but being most like his mom--and his mom is a borderline pycho badass. The characterizations of Jim, Winona, Frank, and Sam are the reasons you should spend the hours on this story.

"Yin and Yang" are two inter-related stories on one download. The first is a casefic told from the point of view of the White Collar crew. The second is a caper in the same location at the same time from the point of view of part of the Leverage group. Both are good and I enjoyed listening again to see how decisions by one character impact on characters in the other fandom's story. It's not a typical crossover, more like parallal play.

Got any gen favs?
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