Apr. 21st, 2009

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The posting dates for Big Bang are fast approaching. All the authors I've been working with have been so nice. I worked on the Constantine crossover all night and have two things I'm happy with. I've tried a lot of new things on Photoshop in the last two weeks. I just hope I remember what I did if I ever want to try it again.

I broke out a dvd and taught myself to make screen captures since there are so few images of Constantine on the web. Now I don't have to go on my crappy crappy dial up to slowly download images. I can just take over my husband's computer for a few minutes armed with a dvd. I was starting to get frustrated looking for backgrounds or shots of Sam/Dean at the right angle. The typical screencaptures try to get their faces, often in close up. That doesn't always work for what I'm trying to do.

One thing more to learn: how to post a big picture. I made some banners at 700 x 300. Whenever I post to LJ from my computer files it automatically restricts the size to something much smaller (no bigger than 400). I have to figure out how to get around this since I see other large works on other peoples pages. Does anyone out there know what to do? Or do you know someone that knows?

Crack rec

Apr. 21st, 2009 11:38 pm
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If you want a belly laugh go check out the latest in the Babbydaddy series by pandarus http://pandarus.livejournal.com/267047.html. In this one young John goes to kindergarden. My favourite part is him explaining his art to his teacher:

“That's a very interesting picture, John! Can you tell me what it is?”

“That's uncle Sammy. His eyes are kind of black because he's a little bit evil sometimes. He's smiting the unrighteous.”


“This bit's the demon coming out. It looks like smoke. Smoking is bad for you.”

Here is my guess at what that picture might look like.


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