Apr. 12th, 2009

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“Two Highways East and a Quarter Mile North of Salvation” by notthequiettype wrote a creepy and well written post apocalyptic story where Dean and Sam travel on foot after the US is devastated by a plague. There’s great dialogue. It’s Wincest but non explicit. http://community.livejournal.com/slashfest/86790.html

"Maybe Tommorow" is a work in progress by read_2_much. A abrasive, foul-mouthed teen walks into a hunter bar looking for Dean. AU future fic centered around Ben Braeden. http://read-2-much.livejournal.com/919.html?view=1175

“Isochronism” by minkmix is a genderswap story with Dean being cursed to be a girl. Sam and Dean’s reactions to events are in character. Dean’s reaction (freak out) to the change in particular is very realistic. I like the subtle observations of the differences between male and female bodies, like the intensity of the sense of smell.
Part one: http://minkmix.livejournal.com/113816.html
There are more parts and sequels : http://minkmix.livejournal.com/tag/genderswap (more graphic than part one, no Wincest but OFC in one)
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Sometimes I read a fic and I get a mental image right away. When possible I make an illustration and offer it to the author as a way to say thanks for their entertaining reading material. This one I could not shake from my imagination but had trouble finding just the right images. I finally did it.

This is for “The Hard Prayer” by Rheanna. http://www.goldenmaze.com/hardprayer.htm In this post apocalyptic AU, neither John or Rodney went to Atlantis. Instead they lived through a plague on Earth that left them each alone searching for survivors. The characters we meet are both damaged by their isolation, pushing their personality quirks into something much more serious. I've reced it before on my journal, but here it is again with a picture.


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