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When I was at the peek of my SGA obsession, I used to read Wraithbait every day. My reading in this fandom faded about the time that the SG-1 guys took over the show and started killing off the great characters and sacrificing the interesting relationship of the team members with the Mckay/Keller romance thread. I stopped being monogamus and started seeing other fandoms.

The only episode that got through this "why did you guys break my favourite show" resentment was the episode "Vegas" that strange and interesting AU universe where John never went to Atlantis and still manages to get whumped by a wraith. The night after that show I wrote my first and last fan fic, a short episode tag. I posted it and there it languished with no comments for a very long time.

In the meantime I realized that fiction writing was not the best skill I had to offer on LJ...art was. I struggle at fiction writing, but making illustrations are fun and easy for me so that is the direction I went.

And then, when I got a notice that someone had read that lonely ficlet and liked it. That gave me the courage to try to figure out how to post to my old lurke, Wraithbait. So I signed up, posted, and waited. Nothing. Nothing. I figured that I did it wrong, but now two weeks later I get an e-mail. It's posted. It was a thrill to see my name on the list, and it already had a comment.

So thanks for the comment blue_meridian.



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