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I just finished watching the Heroes finale on Newfoundland time. Wow...if you are interested at all in Heroes you should check it out tonight. I'll probably look at it again in an hour or two.

Warning: spoilers under the cut.

I didn't see that ending coming. At first I was thinking, yeah but they nuked Nathan, and then shot him, and he came back. I kept thinking something would come in to save the day. It's much more poignant that nothing did.

Only three people know that Nathan is not Nathan but a brain-washed Syler. Who will be the first to break. Will it be Noah, who has to watch Syler/Nathan play the doting dad to Claire? Will it be Angela who has to pretend to be Sythan's mom? My bet is on Matt who didn't want to be part of it in the first place.

The writers again left us with plenty of angst. It is very sad that Nathan is not being mourned by his family. As flip/flopping as he was in the past year no one deserves that.

Just how creepy is it that Syler, who trying woe Clair in his sick and twisted way earlier in the episode, will be her father.

Strangely enough, Syler will be getting exactly what he always wanted... a loving family. (How many brothers do you know that are as "I love you, man" as Peter and Nathan?) I wonder how that experience will influence him when the wheels finally fall of that mind-whammy.

I have a dilemma now. I like a happy family ending and I also enjoy Syler being Syler. So do I pull for Syler to stay Nathan or do I hope that he emerges in all his amoral brilliance sooner rather than later? What about the actor that plays Syler? Will be seeing little of him in the first few months? Is this so he can work the publicity circuit for the new Star Trek movie?

I have reservations about the rebuilding of the Company with our heroes in the center of it. I suspect it will turn into a power corrupts metaphor. Remebmer when Angel got the keys to the enemy's kingdom? Yup, that way lay cancelation.

So much to think about. I believe the Heroes crew did their job. I do want to tune in next season to see where this is all going to go.
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